Enhancing Office Meal Options in an Underserved Area

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The Motability Foundation funds, supports, researches, and innovates to help all disabled people in the UK make the journeys they choose.

Located on the outskirts of Harlow, the area lacks diverse and convenient food choices for its staff. 

Following the closure of Motability Foundation’s in-house catering after Covid-19, they needed to find a new option for their staff.

The challenge

The limited nearby food options meant Motability Foundation’s employees faced a daily dilemma for lunch: travel distances for a decent meal, settle for less healthy choices from vending, or rely on packed lunches. 

The goal was clear – find a convenient, healthy, and cost-effective lunch solution for the team.

The solution

Within 2 months, Foodles introduced its smart fridge solution, available to 260 staff members with daily nutritious meals. The solution is immediately welcomed as:

“Tasty, convenient and exciting”

The solution was tailored to meet Motability Foundation’s specific needs and requirements :
- Affordable meals : at an average cost of £3.90 per lunch, meals for Motability staff are both appealing and affordable.
- "Nut-Free" policy : aligning with Motability Foundation’s health policies, Foodles adapted its dispatch process to excluding all nut-containing dishes.

- Accessibility : the fridge setup was customised for easy access, accommodating employees with various disabilities.

The result


the average cost per lunch


smart fridge installed


the availability


satisfaction rate among users

A positive impact on the workplace

Foodles effectively tackled Motability Foundation's challenge of providing accessible, nutritious, and affordable meals in a location with limited food options.

"Foodles opened our eyes to the smart fridge, which we felt was the ideal solution to meet our needs. We can now offer our staff a variety of healthy, freshly prepared meals."

Victoria Rowell
Contracts & Administration Lead

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