Transforming Lunch Breaks in Manufacturing Facilities.

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Little Moons is a renowned brand known for its Mochi Ice Cream, available in major retailers including Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose etc. and platforms like Amazon Fresh, Deliveroo, and UberEats. 

Their Park Royal and Kettering sites are located in industrial areas, which present unique challenges for providing convenient and nutritious meal options for their employees.

The challenge

Staff had to bring their own food or walk to nearby shops with limited options, especially challenging during busy periods and short, timed breaks typical in the manufacturing industry.

Little Moons needed a solution that would offer high-quality, nutritious meals on-site to ensure their manufacturing staff felt valued and could maintain productivity without compromising on meal quality.

The solution

After successfully implementing Foodles' smart fridge solution, it effectively addressed the specific needs of Little Moons' manufacturing workforce:
- 24/7 Accessibility: The smart fridge matched shift patterns, ensuring meal access during peak times at 8 AM, 12 PM, and 2 PM, catering to the short, timed breaks in manufacturing.
- High-Quality and Convenient Options: Little Moons needed a factory solution that matched the high-quality, chef-prepared meals at their Farringdon office, ensuring staff felt valued and had nutritious meals even during busy periods.

- Subsidised Meals: Little Moons offered a £5 weekly meal subsidy, making nutritious options even more affordable for lower income employees.
- Scalable solution (mumlti-site): After successfully implementing the smart fridge at Park Royal, Little Moons extended the service to Kettering, showcasing the ease and scalability of the solution for multi-site companies.

The employees gave a warm welcome to the Foodles' meals:

“An absolute triumph! Kept me full until lunch, loved the depth of flavour and textures.”

The result


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satisfaction rate among users

A positive impact on the workplace

More than 93% of end-users are willing to recommend Foodles

"Employees are thrilled with the variety and quality of the food available. It’s convenient and has made a significant difference in their daily routine,  especially during busy production times"

Amy Callaghan
Executive Assistnat

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