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Join 450+ companies that have upgraded their employeesā€™ lunch breaks with Foodles.

FOR SMART offices

Experience the comfort of home-cooked meals right at your office with Foodles' innovative smart fridges!


Get London's most affordable and smartest office meal solution with Foodles. Make every office lunch unique:

  • 24/7Ā Access: Enjoy meals anytime, anywhere

  • Plug-and-Play: Quick set-up with no maintenance

  • Flexible: Adapts to your evolving work patterns

  • Scalable: Easily expand by adding more fridges

  • Sustainable: Minimised food wate and eco-friendly packaging

  • Subsidy-Ready: Options for free or discounted meals


Forget the canteen headache. A great lunch boosts quality of life and productivity. Why choose us:

  • Quality: Exceptionnal dishes from our award-winning chefs

  • Flexibility: Catering to your busy schedule from breakfast to dinner

  • Variety: Weekly rotating menus featuring up to 9 mains for all dietary needs

  • Sustainability: Guiding you toward eco-friendly choices (B-Corp Certified)

  • Affordability: Sensibly priced food (Ā£5.90 for a 400g main meal)


Our award-winning chefs whip up culinary delights in our London kitchen every day.
Savour the best of British and international cuisine, each dish with is own unique twist.
We're all about top-quality, seasonal ingredients, sourced as locally as we can for the ultimate sustainability.
Plus, our nutritionist-approved menus cater to all tastes and dietary needs - whether you're vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free or Halal.

sea trout fennel blackberries
Caprese Bagel (V)
rolled chicken rice
Sicilian Chicken & Aubergine Spaghetti
risotto aubergine
Merguez Sausage & Couscous
sea bream butter beans
Aubergine & Goatā€™s Cheese Rigatoni (V)
lamb squash couscous
Blueberry Almond Overnight Oats
lamb merguez couscous
Spicy Gochujang Chicken Burger
chicken sausage bulgur weath
Kensington Fruit Pot
chicken satay noodles
Spicy Lamb Chettinad Curry & Lemon Bulgur
beef stroganoff
Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich
cod rice seaweath butter
Roasted Chicken, Crushed Potatoes & Leeks


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Ā« The employees eat well, quickly, and affordably.Ā»


STILLĀ have questions?
dive into our faqs!

our concept

What do you do at Foodles?

We're revolutionising the office lunch game! Think healthy, chef-prepared meals 24/7 through our self-service smart fridges. We make workplace dining hassle-free and ultra-modern, all while boosting your team's wellbeing.

Why makes you different from other caterers?

We're not your typical canteen. With Foodles, you can grab a meal anytime you like, right in your office. Our space-saving smart fridges offer quick 'plug and play' setup. Your staff will enjoy freshly prepared, ready-to-eat meals in minutes, with no queues. Our service scales with you, and we never skimp on quality.

Who is Foodles for?

We're a hit with large organisations of 100+ employees, especially when there's an average of 40+ people in the office daily. We also serve large luxury hotels across the Greater London area.


How is it different from a vending machine?

Picture your traditional canteen, but compacted down to a 24/7 smart fridge. Unlike vending machines, we offer freshly made, health-conscious meals delivered daily.

How many Smart Fridges would I need?

One fridge handles up to 50 meals per day, so aim for one fridge per 100 staff on site.

Who does the delivery?

Our own Foodles drivers handle daily deliveries, usually outside working hours to avoid disruption. We currently serve locations within the M25 but please enquire as we are expanding fast.

How does it work for our employees?

Employees use the Foodles app to unlock the fridge, grab a meal, and get charged automatically. It's that simple.


Where do your meals come from?

All meals are prepared in-house by our talented chefs in our own London central Kitchen.

Do you provide enough food variety?

Our 6-week seasonal menus offer a diverse, rotating selection. Youā€™ll get up to 9 mains every week. Expect meat, low-carb, vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options.

Do you offer vegan, vegetarian of gluten-free options?

Absolutely. We provide a broad range of dietary options that change weekly.

How big are your mains?

Each main dish offers +/-400g of satisfying goodness (400-900 kcal).

What's the shelf life of your meals?

Our meals stay fresh for 3 days. Any nearing expiry are removed by our staff. We also offer mid-week and end-of-week deals to minimise waste.


Did you find all the answers you were looking for?

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