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Foodles becomes B CORP!

September 2023

At the heart of the Foodles project is a burning desire to reinvent the office lunch break with a more innovative and flexible offering. But above all, it was the desire to create a business with strong environmental, social and societal values.

Foodles joins the Positive Impact Company movement 

Have you heard of B Corp? 

B Corp is an international movement that brings together more than 5,000 certified companies (UK B Corp community celebrated 1,500 UK businesses becoming B Corp certified in September 2023!). Of all sizes, in all sectors and in over 70 countries: they have decided to meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability.

To do this, B Corp carries out an extensive questionnaire and audit to assess the impact of the companies: we'll tell you more about it below! 

Why did Foodles choose B Corp? 

B Corp is the most comprehensive certification on the market today. It analyses the activity and impact of a company in its entirety. And because we're aware of our impact and really want to defend an activity that makes sense, B Corp was an obvious choice for us. 

In concrete terms, what was Foodles assessed on?  

Companies are assessed on 5 different criteria and answer a questionnaire containing over 200 questions! It's a long, meticulous study that looks at who we are and what we do. Here are the 5 scopes assessed: 

  • Governance: Mission & Commitment, Ethics & Transparency, Governance & Finance
  • Employees: Remuneration, Health & well-being, Development & training, Commitment & satisfaction 
  • Community: Diversity & inclusion, Economic impact, Civic engagement, Supplier policy. 
  • Environment: Environmental management, Air & climate, Water, Earth & life
  • Customers : Customer management

If you'd like to find out more about B Corp, please visit their website!

A new direction for Foodles canteens! 

What changes will B Corp make to Foodles? 

We're staying the course, defending a tasty canteen that's ever more committed. 

Aware of our impact, we will continue to maintain our efforts and B Corp will help us to refine our action plans and adjust our corrective measures.

The objective is clear: to continue to reduce our average impact per meal.

What's next for Foodles? 

B Corp is not an end in itself, and above all it's not a given. In addition to regular exchanges, in 3 years' time we will have to repeat the audit to retain our certification. 

In the meantime, we hope that our commitments will enable us to reduce our impact.

We are also aware that there are many areas to work on, so we will be continuing our efforts in our priority areas: 

  • Our ingredients, which represent the greatest impact of our dishes. We are continuing to develop more and more vegetarian recipes, and improving our processes for managing unsold stock and therefore food waste. 
  • Our transport causes pollution, but we are seeking to optimise its use by optimising our delivery routes (load rates, route planning, etc.) or by using a fleet of electric vehicles for our support functions. 
  • We know that our packaging raises questions! That's why we're continuing to test and analyse the impact of our choices. 

"B Corp certification is the result of more than 8 years' work. Foodles is breaking new ground, innovating and transforming its sector. But it is also, and above all, a strong DNA, guided by the desire to do things well, to do them better, to have a greater impact. A philosophy, a state of mind and a line of conduct now shared and lived by our 370-plus employees. It is therefore with immense pride that this vision is being confirmed today by a new step taken... Thanks to all our employees!"

Michaël Ormancey and Clément Bonhomme, co-founders of Foodles

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