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Foodles Launches an Innovating Smart Canteen Solution in Response to Rapidly Evolving Workplace Needs

May 2024

As workplaces adapt to hybrid models, we at Foodles are excited to roll out our latest innovation: a smart 24/7 canteen solution, embodied in our state-of-the-art smart fridges, crafted for the modern office. Our top-notch fridges bring unmatched flexibility and efficiency, ensuring workplace meals stay up to date with today's evolving demands.

Tailored to Hybrid Workplaces

Flexible Service Model

Our smart fridges are ideal for offices with a variable staff presence, operating round-the-clock to provide dependable, high-quality meal options for teams as small as 30+ members. This solution bridges the gap between traditional, space-consuming canteens and the limited variety of unhealthy vending options, aligning perfectly with the flexible schedules of a hybrid workplace.

Success Story

A London-based asset management company saw a significant improvement in their meal services by integrating Foodles' smart fridges into their hybrid work model. The system automatically adjusts to daily attendance, ensuring that all staff members consistently enjoy tasty and healthy meals.

“Previously, I spent hours each week organising our employee lunches, aiming to entice staff back to the office with costly food delivery options, and we were subsidising £10 per head. Switching to Foodles has streamlined everything and reduced our subsidy to just £6 per person!”
Facilities Manager

Innovative Plug & Play Capability

Hassle-free Installation & Maintenance

Installing a Foodles canteen is as easy as pie! Our fridges are designed for quick setup in any existing office environment without the need for major alterations. Coupled with minimal management needs, this plug & play feature enables businesses to enhance their employee meal services swiftly and effortlessly, perfectly aligning with the trend to downsize office space since COVID-19.

Advanced Data-Driven Approach

Predictive Analytics

Equipped with advanced predictive algorithms, our fridges analyse past consumption data to adjust stock levels precisely. This ensures optimal supply and variety while minimising waste. Aligning with our B Corp certification, this method supports our commitment to sustainable business practices.

Real-Time Insights

At Foodles, we stay updated with real-time data on sales, consumption patterns, dietary preferences, and waste levels. This information is not only crucial for us to refine our operations but is also shared with facility managers, enabling them to analyse and optimise their own meal services effectively.


Our new smart canteen solution is redefining workplace meals, making them more responsive, efficient, and adaptable to the varied demands of modern, hybrid workplaces.

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