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Provide an innovative, social and sustainable company catering service to as many employees as possible

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Foodles is more than a catering service, it's a company that strives to make its activity correspond with the issues of our time.

This is why we have decided to define our Corporate Social Responsibility around 4 pillars.

This is what characterises us and what we believe in.



responsible purchases of healthy and sustainable food, meeting a demanding quality standard.


our ecological impact thanks to our efforts towards limiting our waste, anti-waste and our internal measures.


to sustainable employment, including the reintegration of people out of work and the well-being of our employees.


non-profit associations with our customers and our employees.

7 years after the launch of our company and numerous actions in terms of sustainable development, we present our first impact report in the spirit of transparency, resilience and progress.

This report outlines our CSR journey from 2022.

Our learning from experience and our motivation to meet the environmental and societal challenges of tomorrow remains intact.


Since our creation in 2015, we have held strong CSR commitments in order to make our company canteens more responsible and above all more in line with the times.

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