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Our winning combination:
Good ingredients, simple, varied, balanced cuisine, generous portions and, above all, a responsible approach that involves our diners from start to finish

des plats sur une table des plats sur une tabledes plats sur une tabledes plats sur une table

Foodles is a healthier, tastier alternative to be enjoyed on a daily basis.  Vegetarian, traditional, world cuisine... Foodles caters for all tastes and all diets... Just open the fridge!

What’s for lunch today?

A varied choice of dishes to suit all tastes and diets, every day

All our dishes are priced between £3.50 and £5

Bacon and scrambled eggs

Bacon and scrambled eggs

The essentials for a good breakfast

Onigiri avocado

Onigiri avocado

A delicious snack straight from Japan

Pasta salad with pesto and sun dried tomatoes

Pasta salad with pesto and sun dried tomatoes

A classic, always a success

Bolognese lasagna

Bolognese lasagna

When Italian tradition comes to your plate

Sweet ginger chicken with jasmine rice

Sweet ginger chicken with jasmine rice

A little sweet, a little spicy and a lot of flavour.

Wok noodles and vegetables

Wok noodles and vegetables

A delicious veggie-heavy recipe

Quiche with candied pepper and goat cheese

Quiche with candied pepper and goat cheese

A subtle blend of softness and character



The most iconic American recipe in all its glory

Organic smoked pumpkin soup

Organic smoked pumpkin soup

A recipe full of sweetness to fill up with energy


New dishes offered every day!

Come and try it!

Our quality charter

A rigorous quality charter and meticulous selection of raw materials to offer you the best possible healthy, sustainable food

pêcheur qui tient un poisson

100% sustainable fishing

scène de marché

Preference given to short supply chains

panier de fruits

Seasonal fruit and vegetables

20% organic ingredients

plateau de fromages

50% PDO cheeses

No additives or preservatives

des vaches dans un pré

Certified meat

des poules

100% UK-sourced poultry

See our quality charter

Our charter

Eating well at work
is possible!

Our recipe for delicious food:

des cuisiniers dans une cuisine

Keep creating, all year round

Our dishes are created by our chef and a team of nutritionists and food lovers


Ask your opinion

The dishes are approved by a tasting committee of diners and employees


Only keep the best

Any dishes that do not achieve the minimum score of 4.5/5 are reworked until they are unanimously approved


Check your satisfaction

New items appear in your smart fridges! We continue to monitor your satisfaction very closely.

The result is

more than 1000 original Foodles recipes with more than 400 new dishes every year

A responsible, sustainable digital canteen

We don’t want to do a good job, we want to do a great job!

une personne qui ouvre une poubelle

Minimized food waste ‍

  • An algorithm delivers just what you need

  • Promotions on products nearing expiry

  • Donations to partner charities

50% less waste
emballages éco-responsable

‍100% eco-responsible packaging

  • Reusable, returnable containers

  • Reusable or compostable cutlery

un cuisinier qui assaisonne un plat

100% small to medium-sized independent caterers

  • Suppliers committed to our quality charter

  • Local partners to support the community and reduce the carbon footprint


Concrete information on our commitments

Our commitments

Foodles is also

more than 50 caterers and a 5-person R&D team creating delicious dishes!

“Thanks again for the excellent service that offers high quality at all levels, I am a VERY satisfied customer.”

“Foodles is just too good: it's delicious, there’s variety and it’s great value!”

“Very good service. Don’t change anything.”

“Everything was perfect as usual, please congratulate the chefs!”

“Excellent, reasonably priced, varied dishes and very responsive customer service.”

“I really look forward to Foodles’ food!”

“The service works very well, and is particularly convenient in an area where there aren’t many catering facilities available.”

“At this time of year, your service makes a big difference to on-site attendance. Congratulations to the entire Foodles team.”

“Very good, well-balanced food. Perfect portion size with a starter and dessert. Just the right amount. You know what you're eating and it's always good!”

“I am very satisfied. The food is excellent and well presented with plenty of variety. Please carry on! I can't wait for the end of Covid to enjoy your food again.”

“I’m always telling people about Foodles and everyone is jealous of us =).”

“It was my first Foodles experience: it’s easy to use and the food is delicious, thank you!”