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Offering you the best is more than a promise, it’s a commitment on a daily basis from our entire team.

A work ethic
that means a great deal to us

We are glad you are here, curious to find out more about our approach and why it is so important to us.

Whether it concerns the environment, human relations or the way we work... It is a desire to do not just a good job, but a better job, that has guided us on a daily basis since 2015.

réunion de travail dans un bureau

At Foodles, we all agree on one thing,
well several things actually!

We firmly believe that eating well should go hand in hand with uncompromising commitments on the environment and societal issues. In concrete terms, for us, this means:


Offering healthy,
responsible food


Reducing our
environmental impact


Upholding sustainable,
inclusive employment


Our recipes only contain good, wholesome ingredients.

Why overdo it when it’s not necessary?
We refuse to add preservatives and additives to any of our dishes.
It's all about balance!

We offer you healthy food produced from sustainable agriculture:

20% organic ingredients

Local, seasonal products

50% PDO cheeses

100% sustainable fishing

No additives or preservatives

100% UK-sourced poultry

Short supply chains

  • Produits locaux et de saison

  • 100% volaille origine France

  • Viandes Bleu Blanc Coeur ou labellisées

  • 20% d’ingrédients bio

  • 50% de fromages AOP

  • Sans additifs ni conservateurs ajoutés

  • Circuits courts

salade de tomates et jambon

100% UK-sourced poultry

100% sustainable fishing

Short supply chains

No additives or preservatives

50% PDO cheeses

20% organic ingredients

Local, seasonal products

See our quality charter


against food waste

We are committed to fighting against food waste on a daily basis, and ensuring that all our stakeholders are on board. For this reason, we have placed the fight against food waste at the heart of our model:

Prevention is better than cure

Upstream, our algorithm allows us to adjust the restocking of our smart fridges every day. This ensures that all customers receive just the right quantities. Stop waste before it happens!

Happy Fridays!

Every Friday, all items are offered at half price. This helps to avoid the expiration of our dishes in your connected canteen.

Donate rather than throw away

Any unsold items are redistributed to local charities such as Red Cross so that they can be used to help people in need.

Nothing is lost, everything is processed!

Finally, any dishes that have expired are collected by our delivery staff. They are then used to produce compost and biogas for farmers.

in a traditional

Foodles, which is then recycled!

2 X less waste


Return and reuse!

Returnable containers

Because reducing our environmental impact is crucial, the Foodles offer is based entirely on reusable containers for the dishes, enabling us to reduce our footprint by 75%. Choosing Foodles means choosing a responsible canteen.

  • How does it work?
    We designed a system that allows employees to deposit their empty containers in less than 30 seconds. We collect them every day, wash them and then reuse them!
    Another factor making Foodles a more responsible, sustainable canteen.

chambre froide

No need to travel miles
to eat well

In order to reduce our carbon footprint, we have chosen to work exclusively with local, small and medium-sized caterers, who use short supply chains and seasonal products.

Every mile counts

Every day, we adjust our routes to make deliveries as efficient as possible and thereby reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

Our vehicles are
100% electric


Each delivery round covers 7 sites, corresponding to an average of 500 dishes


Our responsible warehouse

We also have an environmentally-friendly internal policy. Our warehouses operate on 100% green energy. With a view to further reducing our carbon footprint, all teams are encouraged to adopt environmentally-friendly practices:

  • All waste is sorted on all our sites

  • Whenever possible, we purchase recycled materials
    (paper, wooden pallets, etc.)

  • All our suppliers boxes are returnable
    15 tons of cardboard waste avoided

chambre froide


sustainable employment

un livreur devant un frigo

Ensuring employees have permanent contracts

Our offer substantially relies on teams of prep chefs and deliverers, who enable our customers to enjoy delicious food every day.This is why, ever since we began in 2015, we have made sure we value their contribution, which is an intrinsic part of Foodles’ success, by upholding sustainable employment. These employees are all recruited with permanent contracts and fully integrated into our teams and team meetings. We also support them in their professional careers and provide training so that they can continue to offer you a high standard of service.

vahces dans le pré

Local and artisanal products

We have chosen to work with local artisans who preserve the flavours and benefits of the ingredients they work with, to encourage healthy and sustainable food.

entrepot logistique

Encouraging workplace integration

We work with organizations that help long-term unemployed people to re-enter the workforce. We have also established long-term partnerships with various disability organizations to help people with disabilities find employment.