the smart canteen
for the modern workplace

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Chef-prepared meals delivered daily for ultimate freshness

Available 24/7 via smart fridges and ready in just 2 minutes

No upfront investment, quick set-up & hassle-free maintenance

Smart fridges
for smart companies

Experience the comfort of home-cooked meals right at your office with Foodles' innovative smart fridges!

serving smart fridges office

Why employers love foodles

Discover the next-generation office canteen experience with Foodles, guaranteed to add a touch of joy to your employees' lunch breaks. Our smart fridges boast an array of qualities that'll have you hooked in no time!

  • Around-the-Clock Availability: 24/7 service

  • Effortless Meals: hassle-free solution

  • Flexible & Adaptive: caters to your dynamic team

  • Scalable Satisfaction: expands with your organisation

  • Eco-Friendly Focus: prioritises sustainability

  • Enhanced Wellbeing: boosts productivity & happiness

  • Subsidy integration

  • No Upfront Investments: start reaping benefits now

WHY employees love foodles

We know the canteen can significantly impact your happiness and productivity. Embrace a delightful lunch experience with Foodles by your side!

  • Flexible Meals: tailored to your schedule

  • Premium Quality: top-notch dishes made by our local chefs

  • Abundance of Variety: satisfying diverse tastes and needs

  • Sustainable Focus: guiding you to better eco-friendly practices

happy employees lunch
happy employees lunch

who is it for ?

Foodles is for every company that want to enjoy tasty meals, made locally, without queuing. So if you work in a company:

  • With a minimum of 50 employees

  • Whose employees look for an efficient lunch break without queuing or paying expensively

  • Whose employees work for long or irregular hours

  • Concerned for environmental actions

Foodles is for every company that want to enjoy tasty meals, made locally, without queuing. So if you work in a company:

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our happy customers

« Foodles is the canteen of the future»

« It brings all the employees together, it’s a real source of harmony »

Marie simonian

« Since the arrival of Foodles, we have noticed an improvement in the well-being of our employees!»

« And also a reduction in food waste »

Christophe chauvin
hotel byblos

« Foodles allows us to provide an easy-to-implement and user-friendly experience for our employees. »

« It created a friendly atmosphere and achieved all our objectives. »


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With over +4,000 original recipes that will ignite your taste buds! Whether you crave the comfort of English food or the diversity of world cuisine, seek vegetarian delights or savor the feeling of home-cooked meals: we cater to every taste and dietary preference.

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rolled chicken rice
risotto aubergine
sea bream butter beans
lamb squash couscous
lamb merguez couscous
chicken sausage bulgur weath
chicken satay noodles
beef stroganoff
cod rice seaweath butter

Tasting our food tells you more than a thousand words

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