Reclaim your lunch break now: The importance of the lunch spot!

Reclaim your lunch break now: The importance of the lunch spot!

Whether your team is just getting back into the office after far too long working from home, you’re simply tired of everyone sitting at their desks eating the same Deliveroo every day, or you want to revolutionise your workplace to provide a space for both employees and visitors to enjoy, it’s time to direct your focus towards the most important space in any workplace: the lunch spot!

Regardless of what it’s named - the break room, the canteen, the watering hole - the space where team members can sit back, relax, and enjoy nutritious food is incredibly important, and here at Foodles, we want to support you in creating the best possible space for you and your team.

In this article, we’re going to share exactly why a lunch space in the workplace is so important and tell you how we can help boost the wellbeing and happiness of your teams and visitors, by using Foodles’ innovative fridge technology.

Why Is A Lunch Space So Important?

The modern workplace has a big issue: burnout! Burnout is essentially the outcome of working too hard, for too long, without prioritising wellbeing. 

Whilst burnout can be avoided by taking time off, spending time practising mindfulness, or finding mental health support, one of the simplest ways to keep burnout away is by reclaiming your lunch break!

The concept of having a small snack and working through your allotted lunch break is an all-too-common reality for most, and it’s one of the worst workplace practices out there.

In fact, statistics show that the average employee in London only takes a meagre 16 minutes on their lunch break - this is definitely not enough time to unwind, properly fuel up, and connect with colleagues!

However, although we’re all aware that taking proper time away from your desk and enjoying a nutritious meal is incredibly important in the middle of the day, it’s often not so easy.

Enter, designated lunch break spaces to make taking a proper lunch break as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Regardless of the type of business you have or manage, creating a specific space for your employees to connect with each other on their lunch breaks whilst enjoying good food is essential. After all, a happy, well connected, and nourished (both physically and mentally!) team, is a productive one.

Research has actually shown that having a lunch space where employees can take a break from work during the day also improves employee satisfaction, increases retention rate, and boosts mood and morale.

Innovative Fridge Technology: How Foodles Can Help You To Create The Best Possible Lunch Space

Now you know how important having a break room/lunch space/canteen is for employees and entire companies, we want to tell you how Foodles can support you to make the most idealistic and rewarding space possible!

Using innovative technology designed and operated by Foodles, our fridges occupy little space (only 1m²!) but create a big impact. Stocked daily with a variety of gourmet yet completely affordable and sustainable dishes, we cater for all different dietary requirements and tastes. Our Connected Canteen is flourishing with only the best foods available 24/7, bringing a newfound level of elegance, practicality, and joy into the break space. 

Not only do our fridges provide the best value home-cooked meals to your employees but our patented technology adapts to their eating patterns so that we can restock your fridges with the dishes they like to eat. This means that the Foodles canteen produces 2xe  less waste than a traditional onsite catering solution - yes, you can eat well and be kinder to the environment!

Facilitating Getting Back To Work, With Foodles

With various lockdowns coming to an end and restrictions loosening, there’s a pull for most employers and businesses to get people back into the office in a safe, engaging, and exciting way - this is where Foodles comes in!

Our innovative Connected Canteens are a new perk you can bring to your team, exciting employees and make them more eager to get back into the office! 

Since all our food is freshly and safely made, individually and eco-friendly packaged, nutritious and packed with health benefits, and each person chooses exactly what they want, it provides employees with the highest level of wellness, through food!

Foodles also makes getting back into the office feel exciting - we don’t just energise your team through food, we support a happy, connected, wellbeing-focused workplace where people want to be. 

There’s no better time to show appreciation to your team - there’s no better time to use Foodles innovative technology to improve your company culture!

Extra Tips For Creating The Ideal Break Space

Whilst Foodles cutting edge technology is the best way to create the perfect lunch space, here are three extra tips for creating a calming, connected, and atmospheric break space:

1. Make It Comfortable

Comfort is key when it comes to creating the ideal break space! Focus on providing adequate and comfortable seating for your team or visitors, add in tables, lamps, and pillows, and always make sure the area is clean at all times! Argos provides great furniture with fast delivery turnaround time!

2. Add A Little Greenery

Research shows that plants in the workplace reduce stress and anxiety levels, so there’s no better place to add some greenery than the break space! Patch Plants are a particularly great company to order your break room plants from!

3. Focus On Adequate Amenities

Providing useful amenities for your team members or visitors to use is equally as important, if not more important, as creating an aesthetically pleasing space. Don’t overcrowd the area, but make sure you provide adequate amenities to make hot drinks, fill up water bottles, and of course, get food!

Are you ready to facilitate the back to work movement, improve workplace wellbeing, and start collectively enjoying our lunch break again? Let Foodles help: together, we’ve got this!

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